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Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) kissed Mary Jane. 5 1/2 year old D: “Why does he kiss her, Mommy?” Me: “Because he likes her.” D: “Hmmm…” Me: “Do you think that’s icky?” D: “No.” Me: “You don’t think kissing a girl … Continue reading

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Green Day – Part 1

Last Friday was Pink Day at A’s class, complete with pink cookies for snack.  (If you remember from The Power of Pink, pink is A’s favoritest color ever, so he was loving that theme.)  Anyway, parents sign up for each … Continue reading

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The Mom Olympics

I’m not a figure skater.  You’ll never see me on a luge, in a bobsled, or skiing cross country and pausing to shoot at a target.  Same goes for the Summer games – no gymnastics, diving, or 100-meter dash for … Continue reading

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On the road again…

So I’m sitting in the airport in DC waiting for my flight to Denver — the first trip I’ve had in about 7 weeks — airport wireless is a beautiful thing.  I’m glad to be traveling again, since my job … Continue reading

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You Capture: Faces

One of the blogs I love is I Should Be Folding Laundry (and not just because the name totally describes MY life!).  Beth does a “You Capture” post every week and invites others to join in with their own pictures … Continue reading

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Renegade Socks

The last load is in the washer, almost ready to be put in the dryer.  Seriously, there are no more clothes on the laundry room floor.  Can’t believe it, the laundry is almost done. I walk downstairs, and there, on … Continue reading

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