Tomorrow, A starts Kindergarten, and D 1st grade. D is 7, A turns 6 next week. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, in the midst of the never-ending sleepless nights, diaper changes, feedings, potty training, and learning to talk, my boys grew up in a blink of an eye.

I’m so proud of them both. They’re bright and curious, mischievous and funny, adorable and infuriating, all at once. It’s hard to believe 7 years have passed, and yet, I can barely remember “Life Before Kids.” It was certainly more boring. 🙂

So we’ll take them to the same school tomorrow morning.  A is SO EXCITED about going to brother’s big school — I’m sure there will be no tears from him!  I can’t promise the same from me.  But they’ll be happy tears…happy, joyful (okay, a teeny bit sad) tears.  No more babies in our house, just little big boys.

Oh, and tomorrow we also celebrate Biscuit’s first “birthday” — the anniversary of the day we adopted him into our family. I can barely remember life without him and Bryce too.  Also more boring.

We have lots to celebrate.  I thank God every day for ALL my boys — human and canine alike.

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