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I don’t know how I missed this when it happened on April 13th, but I just heard about the uproar over J.Crew’s email that featured a picture of a mom and her 5-year-old son.  What’s so awful about that, you ask?  Oh, did I forget to mention that the boy had his TOENAILS PAINTED PINK???????  Cue horrified response: “What is this world coming to?  Obviously the world is about to end because this is the worst thing ever.”

OH MY GOD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  REALLY???  Well guess what?  I have a secret, are you ready to hear it?



Oh wait, that’s not a secret.  Anyone who knows me knows that my 5-year-old son A loves pink and occasionally has asked me to paint his nails pink, purple, and yellow.  Which I did.  *double gasp* Clearly, I’m a horrible mother.  And anyone who has read my blog knows that my most popular post ever is The Power of Pink, in which I revealed how his love of all things pink helped him be brave while getting a shot.

Listen up, idiots.  As my very wise son will happily tell you, there are no boy colors and no girl colors, there are just colors.  Are you equally worried about girls who like blue?  Liking a particular color doesn’t predetermine the course of your life, nor does painting your nails.  In fact, as Jon Stewart pointed out on The Daily Show, if you follow that warped logic, don’t ever let your children get their faces painted, because they might grow up to be CATS…or TIGERS…or UNICORNS.

Grow up.  Nail polish can be removed.  Hair grows back (and color washes out).  Temporary tattoos disappear.  And none of that actually matters in the long run.

There are a LOT of awful things in this world.  A boy who loves pink and a parent who accepts (and allows) that — not even close to being one of them.

And if you don’t like it…well, I’m sure glad he’s my son and not yours.

So well done, J.Crew.  I remain a big fan.

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  1. CathyB

    Well said! We had a development specialist ask us if our 3 year old knew he was a boy, and I gave her a puzzled look. She asked again, adding that he should be able to differentiate between boys and girls. I was taken aback and said so. At three years of age, I should be teaching him gender identification? Based on what, I ask? Hair length? Pierced ears? A love of shoes? I have Scottish inlaws, so I can’t even use (nor would I want to) skirts versus pants as indicators of gender.

    Suffice to say, I eventually responded that he constantly heard that he was a boy, and his sister was a girl, this child at daycare is a boy, that one’s a girl, etc, and that I was pretty confident that he’s pick it up eventually.


  2. I read this as well. Silliness. Honestly? My godson liked Arial the mermaid until his uncle humiliated him for it… His mom was angry that her son was made fun of. She said… “Listen, if G likes Arial LET him… he’s a little boy, he’ll figure it out on his own!” and the uncle said that he didn’t want the G to get teased. *sigh* I mean I understand that, but he’s a LITTLE boy. There is plenty of time for him to figure out what and who he likes. *shrug* And my students these days? Are super fluid. They aren’t static. Gender is more a concept than a rigid structure!

    go you for painting toenails and allowing your son to be happy in his childhood!


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