The New Puppy

I needed a second dog like I needed a hole in the head, so when I heard the words “Andy, I want this dog” come out of my mouth, I was as surprised as my husband was! Since I’ve posted about Bryce, our first dog, several times, I figured it was time to introduce the world to his new brother, Biscuit.

Last August we found a stray puppy at our local gas station. Employees there said he had been around for nearly 2 months.  They figured someone dumped him out there.  I figured the special place in Hell reserved for those who abandon and abuse animals was preparing a new corner for that someone.

No one had been able to catch him, but he came up to me and ate from my hand.  And that’s when I saw it.  He had the same eyes as Bryce.  The battle was over before it began.  He was meant to be our dog.

Andy fed him for several days until finally he was able to catch him.  Biscuit was scrawny, hungry, and covered in fleas and ticks.  He had intestinal worms and heartworms and hadn’t yet been neutered.  He also had, in the words of our wonderful vet, “soft eyes.”  The vet believed Biscuit would turn out to be a good dog.  He was right.

Biscuit is about a year old and is only 17 pounds.  He does stupid puppy tricks and happily accepts his role at the bottom of the family totem pole with Bryce as acknowledged King of the Furry Children.  Biscuit can also jump our 5 1/2 foot backyard fence.  SO…we now have an invisible fence as well.  Hopefully it will enhance the house value someday! 😉

I wasn’t looking for a second dog, and I certainly didn’t need one.  Thankfully, God didn’t agree.  Love you, Biscuit.

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