Tonight produced some statements, so hilarious, so profound, that I could think of nothing better to do with them than to record them in my blog.  This way I’ll have them to share with the boys when they’re older, because I’m frankly in awe of what their little minds produce! Boys, I love you, and this post is for you.

D (6 yrs old): “If God is Jesus’s father, and Jesus is God’s son, then doesn’t that mean God should be married? Because how else could He have a son?”

A (5 yrs old): “There’s only one mermaid that’s real, and that’s the Little Mermaid. I know because we saw her at Disney World.”

A (discussing how he currently has a bad cough and D has a bad stuffy nose): “Maybe the cough germs and the nose germs are best germies and they always want to go into the same house together.”

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  1. Kirsten

    Love these!!!

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